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We will be open to the public on Monday May 13th in the meantime please contact for membership information!


At Tribe no question is too silly to ask so fire away and we will come back to you!

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Tribe Fitness Studios

11 Church Street



At Tribe we want to make things as easy as possible therefore any frequently asked questions will be detailed below so we can hopefully help!

  • Where did the idea for Tribe Fitness Studios come from?
    That is a really easy one to answer as it came from Ethan's passion for fitness combined with Karen's passion for business. Ethan has always wanted to put his stamp on the fitness industry and during many a PT session with Ethan putting Karen through her paces the idea evolved!!! During last year Ethan and Karen worked hard to bring the story of Tribe to life and the rest is history we have a new fitness studio opening in Flint!
  • Why is the first Tribe in Flint?
    Both Karen and Ethan are ridiculously precious about delivering an accessible fitness concept that can become the heart and soul of a community. Over the years we have met people along the way that just do not feel comfortable going to the gym and as Flint did not have a studio concept of this sort it was just a natural fit. Ethan grew up in Flint and is already known within the community so it just made sense to bring our brand of Fitness Studio to a community that was lacking.
  • What makes Tribe different from any other Gym?
    In one word - lots! Tribe is a class studio based business with a functional training gym. Tribe is not a weightlifters gym and we hope to attract a wide range of members who may have been too scared to visit a gym in the past. We will be offering all sorts of different classes and once a month (at least) we will be have a social outside of the studio for members to come along and make friends. Tribe is the safe place to go and work on your fitness if you are lacking in confidence and over the years Ethan has seen so many people that would benefit from our type of Studio. In Tribe we can promise you that you will be a person with a name rather just a nameless member who comes and goes without anyone talking to them. In Tribe, we smile, we talk, we connect with our members and ensure that we create a Tribe with the Vibe of inclusivity, safety and unity. Don't be surprised if Ethan organises a kayaking social in the summer and Karen has you signed up to do a mud run!!! Saying that we also like a good cocktail so pretty sure there will be one or two visits to Chester as well. Ethan's favourite cocktail is an "Espresso Martini" although you are more likely to see him with a good pint and Karen is rather partial to Gin!!!
  • I'm not female - is Tribe for me???
    Of course! Tribe is for anyone and everyone who wants to take care of their fitness and be part of a sociable community.
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